Innovation by design

Profile System

  • 76 mm system with multi-chamber geometry
  • Energy and cost savings in perfect balance
  • Top home comfort with excellent thermal insulation and effective sound insulation
  • Protection against rain and moisture thanks to the high waterproofing
  • Burglar protection according to DIN standard EN 1627 up to resistance class RC 2 with the following with all other mechanisms
  • Ideal for new constructions and renovations

Energy Efficiency

  • The effective thermal insulation according to the current current and expected future legislative requirements. energy savings, reduces heating costs and reduces costs and ensures a long-term return on investment.
  • Thermal transmittance coefficient for the profile system: to Uf = 1,1 W/(m2K)
  • Coefficient of thermal transmittance for the whole frame up to Uw = 0,75 W/(m2K) (με Uf = 1,1 W/(m2K), Ug = 0,4 W/(m2K), ψg = 0,035 W/(mK))

Glass panel

  • Depth of the glazing receptacle 28 mm for ideal distribution temperature distribution in the profile and prevention of formation condensation prevention
  • The wide range of total glass thickness from 18 to 48 mm allows the use of glass panes for cases and window framesthe choice according to the individual individual personal requirements

Waterproofing system

  • Three levels of waterproofing prevent the cold in winter, heat in summer, moisture and dampness in winter, and air currents
  • Central perimeter rubber on the case
  • Ideally mounted hose of the glass pane with a metallic on the possible free surface
  • High quality rubber in grey or black colour
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