Our products are manufactured from UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) by VEKA & GEALAN which belongs to the VEKA group. VEKA is the leading profile manufacturer in the world, which produces exclusively window profiles of the highest quality grade, class A’, according to DIN EN 12608. With the excellent properties of the materials and the guaranteed outer wall thickness of 3.0mm (tolerance 0.2mm), VEKA profile systems allow the manufacture of windows and doors with particularly high performance, which will operate reliably for many decades. B-class profiles have a smaller wall thickness and 14% less material is used for their manufacture. This missing volume leads to clear measurable differences in stress tests.

A’ class profiles are the ideal basis for quality frames: They are more robust and the welding strength of their corners is higher. They ensure greater anti-burglary protection, offer high thermal and sound insulation values and remain fully functional after many years of use. That is why we as manufacturers, make doors and windows from VEKA’s A-class profiles, to make a difference in quality!

Our modern frames that we manufacture with VEKA SOFTLINE 70AD & 82MD and GEALAN S8000 74mm and S9000 82,5mm profiles, improve the energy efficiency of any building, while offering absolute comfort. The installation depth of 70, 74 or 82mm, the polythelamic thermal insulation and advanced sealing reduce the impact of the external environment inside buildings to an absolute minimum.

Our frames stand out for:

Quality and Durability

We use raw materials adapted to the climatic peculiarities of each region, the high temperatures, the high radiation of the sun and the saltiness of our seas. We do not import ready-made products, nor do we assemble parts that others have studied and constructed for other weather conditions and for different climates. The frames made of A-class profiles do not suffer deformation even in conditions of strong stress. For greater stability and durability, the mechanisms are screwed into more walls.

the Safety

The VEKA SOFTLINE 70 & 82ND profiles we use are reinforced with galvanized steel internally for high strength and durability, and in combination with the anti-burglar rotation and recall mechanisms with multiple hooks that secure around the perimeter and the additional locking points, prevent to the maximum the violation of your space.

the Soundproofing

We deal effectively with the annoyance caused by noise pollution. The five and seven-chamber profiles we use in sheet and frame, combined with special sound-insulating double or triple glazing, guarantee you absolute protection from external noise. Compared to frames made of B-class profiles, they allow the passage of sounds up to 4Db less.

the Economy and Protection of the Environment

Doors and windows made of class A profiles achieve ideal thermal insulation results. In this way, they contribute through energy savings to both environmental protection and protection of your pocket, for your heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Thanks to their high robustness, they effectively support even heavy triple glazing. And they also offer better comfort conditions with even temperature distribution in the indoor atmosphere. The thermally improved profile geometry makes it an effective thermal barrier, reducing CO2 emissions.

the Functionality

We can be proud that we have given our windows more than just a simple flick. With a flick of the handle, a window or patio door can be tilted like a skylight, ensuring constant ventilation of the room, while also featuring a drainage system for water falling on the frame.

the Aesthetics

Our doors and windows are available in 50 colours of which 18 are in perfect wood imitation, offering architects all the possibilities they dream of. We offer the possibility of different interior and exterior colours and specialise in difficult and very demanding constructions. The system’s amazing rigidity and thermal insulation make it the perfect choice for both modern and classic designs.

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