Energy glass panes


Energy efficient glass is a revolution in the technology of insulating materials and has a surprisingly higher thermal insulation performance than all previously known types of glass. Saint Gobain energy efficient glass improves the thermal insulation of buildings by up to 220% compared to ordinary double glazing and makes it more difficult for heat to transfer from one side to the other, thus helping to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy glass is a transparent glass, which has a coating of tiny metal oxides on one side. This coating does not

allows heat transfer from the interior of the building to the exterior and vice versa

Thermal transmittance characteristics of an energy glass pane.

PLANISTAR EVO 4/15air/5 Ug= 1,3W(m2K)

PLANISTAR EVO 4/15argon/5 Ug=1.0W(m2K)

Why does low-e low-emission glazing serve your comfort, fuel bills and the environment?

Through the Climate Change Act, the Greek government has set a long-term goal of reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

As a large proportion of carbon dioxide emissions in Greece can be attributed to buildings, efforts should focus on significant improvements in the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings. Moreover, with inadequate insulation, windows account for 20% of heat loss in the average home. Low-e low emissivity glazing is designed to reflect heat back into the building greatly improving its thermal performance as well as maximising the use of available heat from the sun thus helping to meet these new regulations

What makes low-e glazing the ideal solution?

Basically using less heat to keep your home warm less amount of energy has to be produced thus reducing the overall level of greenhouse gases.

Low-e glazing has a special coating which has a kind of high radiation wave reflector.

This allows less heat to escape from your windows because it reflects heat from your home’s heat sources back into your home.

At the same time it allows the heat of the sun to pass through your windows contributing to the energy efficiency of the building.

This free heat from the sun is known as passive solar gain so it offers positive benefits for the environment and for you.

How will this make a difference in my home?

Energy glazing not only saves energy and vital natural resources but also saves you money in the long run

Their unique properties and superior insulation keeps your home warm which means you can have the home heating on for less time and have the same comfort.

This results in savings on heating bills

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