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The website of YDRAMA S.A. ( – operates in accordance with the current Greek and Community legislation.

The website of YDRAMA S.A. offers its content and services under the following terms of use, which visitors/users are invited to read carefully and to visit/use its pages/services only if they accept them in full. Use implies acceptance of these terms.

General conditions for the protection of personal data

The management and protection of the visitor’s personal data of YDRAMA S.A. ( – is subject to the terms of this section as well as the relevant provisions of the Greek law (L. 2472/1997 for the protection of the individual from the protection of personal data as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Personal Data Protection Committee, the Presidential Decree 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of Law 2819/2000) and European law (Directives 95/46/EC, 97/66/EC and the General Data Regulation EU 2016/679). The present terms are formulated taking into account both the rapid development of technology and in particular the Internet and the existing – albeit not fully developed – legal framework on these issues. In this context, any possible relevant regulation will be the subject of this section. In any case, YDRAMA S.A. reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after informing visitors and within the existing or potential legal framework. If a visitor does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided in this section, he/she must not use the services of YDRAMA S.A.

YDRAMA S.A. does not collect personal data so it cannot transfer them to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason.

YDRAMA SA collects personal data:

Personal data: Each visitor can browse the website of YDRAMA S.A. without providing any personal information, because:

  • You are not allowed to register users to it
  • There is no online sale, so we do not ask for your personal information
  • None of your personal data is stored in a database

The website of YDRAMA S.A. includes links to other websites which are not controlled by YDRAMA S.A. but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances is YDRAMA S.A. responsible for the Privacy Policy which they follow.

IP Addresses
The IP address through which the computer has access to the Internet and then to YDRAMA S.A. is not used for the collection of statistical data.

  – Cookies
According to the legislation, when a website is based in the EU or addressed to its residents, it must tell users that it uses cookies. It must also justify the purpose of their use and ask the user’s permission to create cookies on their system.

Use of Cookies
A cookie is usually a small piece of data sent to your computer from a website and stored in your internet browser while you are browsing a website. When you visit the same website again, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to inform it of your previous activity. To read more about these technologies and how they work, find examples at

From time to time, a cookie may be placed on your computer to improve the effectiveness of this website and/or our services to you. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can change your settings to refuse all cookies or to be notified whenever a cookie is sent. If you disable cookies, some features provided on our site may not be available and some “pages” may not display properly.

The duration of information storage depends on the type of cookie used. Session cookies expire when you close your browser, while persistent cookies usually have expiry dates ranging from two months to a few years. Persistent cookies can be deleted by the user.

Of the different types of cookies that exist, YDRAMA S.A. uses the absolutely necessary ones.

The technically necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website, allowing the visitor to browse and use its functions. These cookies do not recognise the individual identity of the visitor. Without these cookies, YDRAMA S.A. cannot offer effective operation of its website. Such cookies are:

  • Cookies that are necessary for the identification and/or preservation of content entered by the subscriber or user during a connection (session) to a website throughout the duration of the specific connection.
  • Cookies with multimedia content, such as flash player “cookies”, during a session on a website. Such cookies are, for example, “cookies” that are set when a video is viewed on the website visited by the user
  • Google cookies for viewing maps
  • Youtube cookies for viewing videos from

Cookies are not used in any case to record personal data of the user nor do they take note of any file of the user’s personal computer.

Tα cookies δε χρησιμοποιούνται σε καμία περίπτωση για την καταγραφή προσωπικών δεδομένων του χρήστη ούτε λαμβάνουν γνώση οποιουδήποτε αρχείου του προσωπικού του υπολογιστή.

Cookies are not used in any case to record personal data of the user nor do they take note of any file of the user’s personal computer.

We also use social networking cookies because we want you to be able to share the content of YDRAMA S.A. with your friends through your favourite social networking sites as easily and without problems as possible.

How can I view or delete cookies
In order to delete temporary files and cookies, it is best to consult your browser. Information about cookies and your Internet browser:

Mozilla Firefox – Enable and disable cookies

Google Chrome Management – cookies and site data

Microsoft support: Delete and manage cookies

Third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to update and optimize the display based on the user’s previous visit to the website of YDRAMA S.A. You can opt out of such use of cookies by Google here. You can also opt out of the use of cookies by third-party vendors by visiting the Advertising Network Initiative opt-out page.

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