Main Entrance

Our company manufactures main and auxiliary entrance doors, with excellent functional and aesthetic results.

Design that captivates, wonderful colors offer a pervasive sense of quality excellence. The Softline 70 VEKA profile (120x70mm) combined with the GU-SECURY Automatic multi-point locking system offers unlimited security and functionality. A feature of the mechanism is the two automatic double-action tongues, which exit after the door is closed, which automatically convert into locking tongues and lock automatically. The GU-SECURY Automatic mechanism has VdS approval according to class A and is used in single-leaf or double-leaf door systems.

The bottom is aluminium for complete waterproofing and the possibility of adding a wind deflector is offered. Choice of panels of your choice from a wide variety of designs of our partner companies TEHNI SA & Kourtoglou SA for perfect aesthetic result.

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