Folding Door – Heavy Duty – VW

YDRAMA S.A. specializes in the construction of large openings, offering three different reliable options such as the bubble, the heavy-duty frames and the Volks Wagen sliding and tilting frames.

Folding Doors

The bellows stand out for their functionality offering multiple possibilities, such as opening or retracting a leaf, handle inside out with a lock and are available in a wide variety of colours and combinations.

VEKA’s profiles, ROTO’s special mechanisms and our own know-how make up a high quality end product with increased possibilities of use.

Also the possibility of construction with a recessed threshold gives great comfort of use in hotels, cafes, restaurants but most importantly the ability to access and unhindered movement to people with disabilities in corresponding areas.

The heavy-duty frames stand out for their modern design and excellent application. For the baseboard, it is possible to integrate it into the floor internally in order to create very large openings to the garden or the terrace, maintaining on the one hand the brightness and creating on the other hand an open space.

There is also the possibility of construction with handle inside out and lock.

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Heavy duty frames

Sliding and tilting doors Volks Wagen Type

The Volks Wagen sliding and tilting windows offer the possibility of tilting even in large openings and complete sealing of the frame.

The advantages of the system include the use of double tires while the multi-point closing mechanisms are the ideal solution for functionality and safety.

There is also the possibility of construction with handle inside out and lock.

Advanced Glass Panels




Energy glazing saves energy, vital natural resources and money in the long run.

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