Innovation by design

Profile system

  • 76 mm system with multi-chamber geometry
  • Energy and cost savings in perfect balance
  • Top home comfort with excellent thermal insulation and effective sound insulation
  • Protection from rain and moisture thanks to the high waterproofing
  • Burglar protection according to DIN standard EN 1627 up to resistance class RC 2 with the following with all other mechanisms
  • Ideal for new constructions and renovations

Profile system

  • Extruded profiles 74 mm thick
  • Sheet frame surface at different levels
  • Iron reinforcements according to gealan specifications
  • Burglar protection according to DIN EN 1627 up to resistance class RC2 with the corresponding mechanisms
  • More comfort and effective sound insulation through the use of multiple chambers

Innovation by design

Windows manufactured from the latest generation of GEALAN profile systems not only look attractive, but the sophisticated profile geometries have been perfected down to the last detail to meet all technical requirements.

GEALAN product innovations offer:

  • better thermal insulation,
  • better protection against burglary,
  • better sound insulation,
  • better static and
  • better ventilation

Multiple Decorative Options

High Reflection

Advanced Glass Panels




Energy glazing saves energy, vital natural resources and money in the long run.

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