Innovation by design

Acrylic Color

Proven Quality

For more than 30 years, GEALAN has been producing painted profile sections with acrylic paint using the co-extrusion method. Thanks to this innovative technology, GEALAN sets higher standards and differs significantly from the conventional painting process Through coextrusion, the acrylic-painted layer is inseparably bonded to the PVC profile.

High Reflection

The outer acrylic layer absorbs infrared radiation and reflects solar radiation so that the heating of the profile is significantly reduced. The temperature variations between the white and the coloured profile are very small.

Tinted windows retain their aesthetics over the years. Over the years, acrylic glass has proven its resistance to the effects of aggressive weather on millions of car lights. The same material is also used for the surface of acrylic paint profiles. Therefore, the frames with acrylic profiles are durable, even in extreme climatic conditions.

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